I interviewed the vast majority of builders in Whitefish, MT before deciding that Bridgewater was the right one for my project. It was an easy decision because I wanted my home to not only have minimal environmental impact, but also to be built by a builder who took great care in the quality of the materials. His expertise on home efficiency and environmental impact is second to none in the Flathead area.

The home itself is electrified and smart, sporting a large solar array, remote-operation, lithium-ion battery pack, a heat pump, and dual EV charging ability in the garage. It is extraordinarily energy efficient, with a negligible carbon footprint. Even the winter’s electric bill is small. It is truly built for the 21st century.

The project came in on budget and on time. Mark is a master organizer and gets things done effectively. When decisions had to be made, he would present various alternatives and explain pros and cons.

Zina Spezakis
Houzz Review

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I have known Mark Van Everen for many years and he has always shown a strong passion for energy efficiency. Mark has a commitment to it that I would say is unrivaled by any other contractor in this valley. As an example, Mark has pursued and acquired many energy efficiency certifications to further broaden the base of knowledge he can utilize for the job at hand.

At Flathead Electric, we utilize Mark as a local energy efficiency resource for commercial and residential members who have needs beyond our capability to provide. As a result, we have been involved in tandem with him on energy efficiency analysis, planning, and implementation for multiple projects.Mark has always been a strong communicator. I have found him to be thoughtful; he listens to the goals and intent of the owner before jumping to solutions. As a result, the solution that is crafted is designed specifically for the context in which it will be implemented leading to higher satisfaction from the owner and increased energy savings.In addition, Mark has constructed several residences through our energy efficient new homes program. During these projects I performed multiple inspections to evaluate compliance with our requirements. Mark passed all with flying colors and excellent attention to detail. He created a well-grounded combination of cost effective solutions that resulted in high efficiency homes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mark for commercial or residential projects. The knowledge and experience he brings to the table will help any project achieve its energy efficiency goals.

David Bopp
Energy Services Representative
Flathead Electric Cooperative

Bridgewater Innovative Builders and its principal owners, Mark and Heidi VanEveren, have been banking with First Interstate Bank since 2007. All deposit and loan accounts have been handled as agreed and we consider them excellent customers ofthe Bank.
In addition, we have worked with Bridgewater Innovative Builders on a number of construction projects. The projects were completed on time and on budget without issues. Feedback from homeowners who have engaged Bridgewater Innovative Builders as their General Contractor, and we financed, have been favorable.
If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call either of us.

Brenden Craig
Commercial Loan Officer
David Dittman
Market President
First Interstate Bank

When Bob and I were looking to buy a house we saw several being built. Bob, with his engineering background, was displeased with what we saw. Then we visited a house Mark Van Everen had built and we were sold. The thick walls, quality of windows, green and efficiency details, and careful workmanship all suggested a house built with knowledge and skill.

We chose Mark to build our house and we have been very pleased; throughout the building process and now that we are living in our home. The subcontractors he chose were excellent; craftsmen who worked well with Mark and had immense respect for him. Any small problems that arose were quickly corrected. Mark had at least as much concern that things were done correctly as we did, sometimes it seemed even more. If we needed another house (we don’t) we’d have Mark build it.

Bob & Fran Soond

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We moved from Seattle four years ago to be close to our grandchildren and wanted a smaller home for aging in place as well as a home that had low utility bills, reduced maintenance costs and had energy saving features. We chose Mark Van Everen as our builder and began to develop the plans for our home via the phone from our Seattle resident. We knew what we wanted for our home and Mark was incredibly productive to communicate with. We love our home and have found it remarkably easy to live in with all the energy savings amenities. It was a good partnership with Mark that made the process positive and allowed us to have a large voice in the final plans.

Our home was a part of a two year study sponsored by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. We had monitors in each room that taught us that our home was very energy efficient. It was good to be part of a larger group studying sustainable homes and knowing Mark was involved in that program gave us ensured confidence that Mark was being thoughtful about how the home was built.

We recently opened our home for a tour on energy saving homes in the local area. We still are speaking with folks who are interested in both Mark’s building ideas and in just how our home has performed since moving here.Tt does look like more energy saving homes will be coming to Whitefish in the future and we are very excited about that idea.

Lynn Gilman

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Mark Van Everen built our home near Polebridge, MT last summer. We were very impressed by the quality of his work as well as that of his subcontractors. Our house has exceeded our expectations aesthetically and in its energy efficiency. Mark was a good communicator throughout the building process and was more than willing to listen and consult with us.A newspaper article that ran about five or six years ago about Mark’s experience in building energy efficient buildings prompted us to seek him out. We met with him several times over the years before we were ready to begin construction. He was very helpful throughout the planning process.

It was Mark’s expertise in energy efficiency that proved exceptional in designing our structure. He recommended several changes to the design that have worked our marvelously. Our house is quite cool in summer using natural cooling from the ground and we are able to heat the entire house in winter with just a small wood stove. In all seasons the house is quite comfortable.

Mark’s estimate of the cost of our home was spot on. He anticipated what would be required and had a very good sense exactly what each piece of a construction project would cost. In addition, he found ways to save us money during the construction process. Also, he was great about telling us what jobs we could do ourselves as we wanted to be involved in the actual construction where we were capable. Our experience is telling in terms of Mark’s responsiveness to his clients.

We currently live in the Midwest and will move to Montana next spring. Thus we were not around for much of the construction last summer. However, our complete trust in Mark’s integrity meant we were not worried about corners being cut in our absence. We were present when the footers and foundation were poured and then again when all trusses and interior studs visible. We have been very pleased by the quality of work on our house from groundbreaking to middle phase to the final details.

Emily Murphree and Kevin O’Bryan

I have worked with Mark Van Everen, Bridgewater Innovative Builders, for almost ten years. During that time I have been impressed with his professionalism and reliability. Mark is a RESNET Home Energy Rater operating under NCAT’s quality assurance providership for which I am responsible. His work has been consistently outstanding.

Mark in unusual in that he is both an excellent builder and an energy expert, as his certifications demonstrate. He is both passionate and knowledgeable about energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. He would make a great partner for the school district as you undertake the greenhouse and classroom space.

Dale Horton Architect
Energy Program Manager
National Center for Appropriate Technology

Mark Van Everen was our contractor and guide when he built our house in 2103-14. Mark brought an incredible knowledge of practical energy efficiency and quality construction practices to our project. We found him to be calm, clear in his communications, and always able to solve any issue that came up. After living in our new energy efficient house for about two years, we have found our very well insulated house to have extremely low heating needs an our mostly native plant landscaping to have very low water needs.

We love our new house and we highly recommend Mark Van Everen for the CSEAE project.

Mai Britt & Joe Bennett

Bridgewater Innovative Builders General Contractor Whitefish Kalispell Flathead Valley Montana