Energy Audits

Bridgewater services also include thorough energy audits and home energy ratings. With infrared imaging, performance testing and comprehensive whole-building analysis, we can solve your problems. Whether these are ice-damming issues, areas of the house that are difficult to heat or high utility bills, we can assist in finding the best solution.

Energy modeling

As part of the planning process, it is valuable to generate an energy model of your proposed building.  The model is a software program (REM/Rate) that estimates your annual energy consumption of the proposed structure.  All aspects of the building are input into the model: insulation levels, square footages, types of windows and doors, heating and cooling equipment, type of ventilation system, etc.

Once the base model is built, it is used to compare proposed changes to various aspects of the building.  For example, what is the benefit of adding additional insulation to your ceiling?  What happens if we change the glazing to triple pane units?  Is it really worth the money to install geothermal heating?  These and many more questions can be answered through this process.

Thermal Analysis

Infrared analysis is a powerful tool to find insulation and air leakage in your home. Are you interested in learning why the back bedroom always feels cold? Do you have Ice Dams that are problematic and damaging your home? Ask us about how to solve your high utility bills, uncomfortable temperature swings within the home and other thermal related issues.

What is your roof trying to tell you?

This is a good example of unnecessary energy and heat loss due to air leakage and poor insulation.

Blower Door Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process to verify that your building has met not only minimum code requirements but have been built according to design specifications.  Both blower door and duct tightness testing are available.   Call for additional information.