New Homes

Design and Planning

Bring us your new home or home remodeling ideas! Whether you only have magazine clippings, photos or completed design documents, we can take your ideas and turn them into your custom Montana dream home. As part of the planning phase, we bring 25 years of experience in new home building that will assist in creating a beautiful and functional custom home. There are many choices to make when designing a new home or remodeling your current home and we believe that taking the time to iron out these choices early in the process pay dividends many times over. Part of this home design or remodeling process includes both identifying detailed scopes of work for each trade contractor as well as associated costing and scheduling data.  Together, we will create your custom dream home or your custom dream remodel.

Construction Management / General Contracting

Bridgewater Builders understand that building a new home is a large investment both emotionally and financially for everyone. We want this experience — from start to finish– to be rewarding, predictable and enjoyable; our goal is that the finished custom home represents a creative effort that we can all be proud of. We achieve that goal by starting with the planning process and continue it through to the final touches of the home. We believe that construction management is a critical component of a job’s success and you, the customer, deserve our attention. In addition to knowing ahead of time what is included in your custom home project and the associated costs, you need to know that the various building components are installed per manufacturer instructions as work proceeds. Lastly, we work with only long-term established subcontractors who have a commitment to professionalism and who have been working in the Whitefish, Kalispell and Flathead of Montana Valley for years.


“Our commitment to sustainability gives you the peace of mind in knowing that the homes we build are better for the environment, healthier for the occupants and will save money over the long term.” – Mark Van Everen

When we build new homes or renovate existing homes, we have a great opportunity to make choices in design and construction that allow for a more synergistic relationship with our environment. We all know that our actions eventually send ripples across the pond with definitive ramifications. Instead of thinking about new home construction as a commodity—a building that provides shelter and looks nice– we need to consider how it functions year after year.

By making simple material choices, we have the ability to reduce our collective footprint and make a difference. The best part about this is that by carefully considering how we build a custom home, we inevitably get a better product that costs less to operate and is more comfortable to live in. We can easily select higher quality windows, insulation systems and mechanical equipment that ultimately provide excellent long-term durability with less impact.  We are Sustainable Builders!