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Tally Lake

This beautiful custom energy efficient home is located in Whitefish Montana, just minutes from Tally Lake. The modern architecture and selective use of exterior materials gives this new home a unique feel. The home includes a variety of exposed steel and concrete throughout. The panels at the entry way, Corten metal roof and stucco work together to generate a 21st century appeal.


In addition to achieving a very low infiltration rate (< 1 ACH 50), a robustly insulated thermal envelope and a high-efficient heat pump, this home has a 10KW ground mount solar array to offset its annual energy usage. On any particular day, the unused energy produced is banked in the electrical grid to be used for a rainy day when the sun is not shining. A heat pump hot water heater and an energy recovery ventilator help to keep energy demands low.


“I interviewed the vast majority of builders in Whitefish, MT before deciding that Bridgewater was the right one for my project. It was an easy decision because I wanted my home to not only have minimal environmental impact, but also to be built by a builder who took great care in the quality of the materials. His expertise on home efficiency and environmental impact is second to none in the Flathead area.

The home itself is electrified and smart, sporting a large solar array, remote-operation, lithium-ion battery pack, a heat pump, and dual EV charging ability in the garage. It is extraordinarily energy efficient, with a negligible carbon footprint. Even the winter’s electric bill is small. It is truly built for the 21st century.

The project came in on budget and on time. Mark is a master organizer and gets things done effectively. When decisions had to be made, he would present various alternatives and explain pros and cons.”

Zina Spezakis
Houzz Review