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This custom single-level home includes a variety of high-performance features easily overlooked at first glance. The exterior walls of this new home include an additional layer of foam applied to the exterior to slow thermal transmission and improve air infiltration into the home. A vent space is provided behind the siding to assist with drainage and ensure the longevity of the exterior paint finish. A heat pump hot water heater helps to reduce energy usage and is vented to the crawlspace to assist in keeping humidity levels in check. The home also includes a heat recovery ventilator providing fresh air to the occupants and an air-source heat pump for economical heating and cooling.


“When Bob and I were looking to buy a house we saw several being built. Bob, with his engineering background, was displeased with what we saw. Then we visited a house Bridgewater Innovative Builders had built and we were sold. The thick walls, quality of windows, green and efficiency details, and careful workmanship all suggested a house built with knowledge and skill.

We chose Bridgewater Builders to build our house and we have been very pleased; throughout the home building process and now that we are living in our home. The subcontractors he chose were excellent; craftsmen who worked well with Mark and had immense respect for him. Any small problems that arose were quickly corrected. Mark had at least as much concern that things were done correctly as we did, sometimes it seemed even more. If we needed another house (we don’t) we’d have Bridgewater Innovative Builders build it.”

Bob & Fran Soond