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Bridgewater Innovative Builders, Inc. is a national award winning timber frame home-building contractor in Whitefish Montana. We specialize in new home construction with an emphasis on environmentally friendly, energy efficient custom homes. As a builder and residential general contractor in the Flathead Valley, we provide our customers with both the quality of having an "in-house" carpentry and management team, as well as the experience necessary to assure exceptional financial value through the utilization of long-term subcontractors.

Our customers benefit from lower utility bills to healthier and more comfortable living spaces. Green Building, energy efficient and eco friendly construction is now the new paradigm for builders across the country. Bridgewater brings to your project both professional certifications reflecting this trend (University of Colorado, National Association of Homes Builders, Building Performance Institute, Residential Energy Services Network) and 17 years in the business. Building to code today is simply not enough. Code (where adopted) represents the minimum - just enough not to break the law. Creating value today simply requires more.

In fact, if you are building outside of Kalispell, Whitefish or Eureka, there is no building code enforced at all, so using these higher standards (which require third party inspections) only makes sense from a homeowner point of view. Sustainable construction with a lookout for cost- effective improvement options is clearly the best long-term investment a homeowner can make.

Bridgewater services also include thorough energy audits and home energy ratings. With infrared imaging, blower door testing and comprehensive whole-building analysis, a homeowner who implements our recommendations typically see a 40% reduction their utility bill. As an energy consultant and RESNET home energy verifier, we can assist with detailed aspects of design and construction for architects, builders and homeowners.
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